Framed is shot in Italy (Padova) and London. It is a psychological thriller that deals with a married couple’s struggle to cope with their little child’s recent death;  Albert Elliot, an extravagant film director and his diva-like wife Charlotte conceal their pain in a sweet and sour relationship flavored of hypocrisy, hidden hatred and grief. Convinced that the little son’s death was provoked by his wife, Mr Elliot somehow persuades her to follow him in their luxurious mansion in the Italian countryside; near to the eternal splendors of Rome, away from London and the memories of their devastating loss. Totally unaware of her husband’s secret plan to find his own twisted vendetta against her, Charlotte will slowly fall into a claustrophobic trap which is, in fact, triggered off with meticulousness in that mysterious mansion lost in the fields. Everything leads to believe that Charlotte’s life is at stake, however a surprising twist at the end will reveal that Mr Elliot’s revenge has very different aims…

Director: Pierfrancesco Artini

Cinematography: Jack Shelbourn

Production Designer: Eva Goulakou


Shot on Red One MX, 4K.